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Help & Info about Outlook on Desktop for windows

  • Why does Outlook On Desktop become unresponsive at times?

    If you have noticed that Outlook On Desktop (OOD) becomes unresponsive, such as when you close a window, it is because there is a slight disconnect between the programming for this tool and Outlook itself. Such bugs are usually fixed after the next update and/or people find a workaround solution.
  • How come I cannot click on my calendar within the Outlook On Desktop interface?

    It is usually because of a bug relating to your current version of Outlook. One solution is to update either your OOD software or your Outlook. Some people have more luck by going back to older builds of either software.
  • Why is it that I cannot uninstall Outlook on desktop?

    Problems such as these occur when Outlook is running in the background. Press CRTL ALT DELETE and open use your app manager to stop Outlook from running before trying to continue.
  • Why does Outlook On Desktop keep crashing?

    Some people are simply unable to install and use OOD. There are many reasons, and some of them are solvable, but your best course of action is sometimes a complete reinstall of Microsoft Office. Your other options include trying to find a solution via online forums, or simply giving up on the idea of using Outlook On Desktop.
  • How do I get back to month view more easily?

    Right click inside the OOD window (anywhere in the window), and then click "Goto Date." You may then select the "Month View" option from the menu.
  • Why are issues and bugs present for so long without them being addressed by the developers?

    OOD is a small operation that works for free and on donations. At any one time, there is only one developer manning the station. They do not have the resources to address bugs and issues quickly, they have to do it in their own personal time.
  • Why does my Outlook hang or crash for no reason?

    It is actually the fault of the email host, and it is a problem that exists with every form of free email provider. Unless you are willing to pay for your email services, you are probably going to experience a lagging hang or crash from time-to-time no matter which free email service you use.
  • Are there update Outlook On Desktop?

    You can update in numerous way. Start by getting your hands on any version of Outlook On Desktop, and visit the menu once the software is installed. Click the option that says, “Check for Updates,” and update your program that way. You may also visit the official Outlook On Desktop website and download the most modern version, but this is more difficult than simply checking for updates via the software itself.
  • Why won't Outlook On Desktop send emails?

    After restarting your computer and checking for viruses, you need to backtrack and consider what you did differently before your version on Outlook On Desktop stopped being able to send emails. Did you change a setting on your email account, and are you receiving any error messages that you can enter into Google


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